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Notes of the Budapest Ascension Conference, April 2018

Here I share, dear ones, my notes about the Budapest Ascension Conference with Cobra on the 14th and 15th of April 2018.

While I have taken extreme care, first writing by hand, and later transcribing my notes for digital sharing, I have to make clear that this text should not be taken as the exact words of Cobra. You will be guided.

You are encouraged to share the link to this document.

14 May 2018
Version: 180514-4.


Saturday April 14th, 10 am to 1:30 pm:
-Galactic Alignment and Galactic Super-wave
-New Atlantis and the Energy Grid
-Contact Dish and Confederation Domain


Saturday April 14th, 3:30 pm to 7 pm:
-Primary Contracts Removal
-Implant Triangulation
-Light Body Activation

Sunday  April 15th, 10 am to 1:30 pm:
-Law of Manifestation
-Manifestation / Abundance Protocols
-de-manifestation Filters

Sunday  April 15th, 3:30 pm to 7 pm:
-Return of the Goddess
-Soul Families
-The Event and New Reality


Saturday April 14th



This is the first conference in a new timeline which will lead to The Event, many surprises, requires more direct participation in ways not planned.

We have come from various ways and will align with meditation. Take your personal notes and share them. Personal info no. Intel yes.

Note: We did here a short meditation to unite the group in one being, breathing in a brilliant white light, and breathing out a brilliant white light, one time per each of our bodies (physical, etheric and mental bodies). Then we sang the mantra OM three times.

I am not alone doing this, there is a whole Pleiadian fleet here since Thursday, working to create a breakthrough this weekend. Isis Astara is with us, working, we dedicate her memory and the presence of the Goddess with this video (video The Goddess Spiral Meditations)

We will continue our mission until the victory of the light, every moment matters, do not forget that.

Until now we have been subjected to different layers of programming. I think everybody came here with the purpose to assisting to transform this planet.

Layers of programming:

1st layer, as we entered the quarantine we have surrendered to implantation of our minds to distort the perception of reality.
2nd layer is trauma based for many lifetimes of this time, shocking events transformed personality. If something bad happens and the consciousness cannot handle it goes to the unconscious.  Your awareness consciousness cannot access it because it is subjected to intense programming.
3rd layer from parents, we received emotions from our mother. If mother is afraid we accept it as our own.
4th layer school
5th layer media, press, tv, radio, newspapers, Facebook, Whatsapp
6th layer scalar program
No wonder everybody is so messed up. We need liberation from these 6 layers of programming.

Ascension means becoming one with yourself. A divine marriage between personality and the soul. Will not happen until erasing all programs. We will work to remove them, I may unlock parts you didn't know existed.
The mission by the Pleiadians is to unlock and release a lot and will bring us closer to our mission, and will assist the planetary ascension process. You will use your own brain, I am not giving you another layer of programing, learn with your own head.

Note: It was not acceptable to take pictures inside the hall so I wrote the text.

Picture: Maybe if we tell people brain is an app, people will start using it.

Since January 27th, the planetary situation update is not in the Internet. Time to prepare yourself for the changes, it is of the highest purpose.
The Event will be televised and you will take part of it. You will be contacted. You need to discover what to do. You need to go inside and discover your mission, and then you can talk to me. Before, we are wasting time.

Why were you born here? 9-5 job? House? Find out now. What is it, it is a priority find NOW. Each day matters, we have a finite amount of time.

What we see is a very small part of reality (of 100 billion galaxies). Expand to include more of reality.

Picture: Cobra beyond the veil.
Cobra´s near space flight on a Russian airplane led to the discovery of the chimera group, and toplet bombs connected to the hostage surface population.

Questions and answers:
How is it the feeling of being beyond the veil? Liquid, light, feel it with your body as a pleasant energy.
External attacks come from weak spots, your loved ones need to learn how to protect themselves.

-Galactic Alignment and Galactic Super-wave

The Galactic Central Sun is emanating a strong energy field. One form is tachyons which were the first matter created, and are of the highest vibration possible. Tachyons cannot be corrupted or misused for negative purposes, they transform the primary anomaly. First chamber was build 14 years ago. There is a network of developed products with tachyons. Beyond the veil felt wonderful because there were tachyons everywhere.
Products brought here about tachyons, protection for the house, against electromagnetic radiation. Fluorite for 5th dimension. Moldavite connection with Pleiades.


Personal and collective here in the sol system. Will keep getting faster and faster until the breakthrough. All individual missions are part of the ascension plan. You were prepared through many lifetimes for this life time (talents).
Together with your spiritual guides you made a plan how to accomplish your mission, a dynamic plan not set in stone, plan is somewhere still active. How to access it:

1. Be completely honest, what you really want in life. Will you follow your inner voice or the voice of the society? (the society one most likely will not be the ascension plan). Easiest options are the first level of the game. Your own free will can change the destiny of this planet. We have around 270 people, without any influences, this group alone can change the destiny of the world, if you follow your inner wisdom. I can only present the options that you have.

Things are happening behind the scenes, you can feel it or sense it. The mass media´s job is to convince you that nothing will ever change. Five families control the mass media, they are afraid that change will happen, but forces, galactic alignment, is a cosmic cycle based on facts.

Precession cycle, original time for The Event was 1995. There was a group of souls, 80% of those souls refused to do their missions, that is why the timeline collapsed. It was a small group of 20 people. I watched them, I am watching light workers fighting in the Internet. People need to stop playing with the destiny of the planet. This time window is full of potential and dangers. Galactic alignment, galactic equator do not wait for anybody.

There needs to be a connection between the surface and space. That is the reason why 6 years ago I opened my blog. They were sure 2012 was going to be. They told me somebody was going to start talking about mass arrests. In February 2012 Drake started talking (Resistance told me 10 years before but no name) then critical mistakes happened and at the last moment it was cancelled.

It is not your business to remove toplet bombs. What they need is a core group in the surface aware of their personal triggers to take action. People need to be reliable, the Resistance Movement needs it. Transformation cannot happen unless people on the surface is working.

Galactic center responses to pulses and every 25.000 years emits a pulse, and at a half life cycle sends a smaller wave, it reaches the sun and activates it. When the sun gets active it will influence planet earth, super luminar particles and tachyons influence the sun and light conditions on this planet. It involves lots of spiritual energy.

They have given instructions to activate my own family in full alignment with the ascension protocols for this planet.

Galactic network of light was created by entities with many names some call them blue avians, etc.

A civilization will get contacted when it understands the codes of light.

There is a huge fleet of motherships at the heliopause which guides the energy of the galaxy to the Earth to direct spiritual awakening of humanity and first contact in the best way. They need conductors of high energy who are incarnated here so they can regulate the flow through this people.

Cintamani grid is successful but not enough, there need to be people that transmits those energies through their own energy field. They need to be stable when everybody is freaking out.

Last Monday the light forces began clearing certain archon grid and dark forces freaked out and started the conflict in Syria as direct response. Our best reaction in this situation is to ask ourselves what can we do about this. No fear, no indifference but focused action.

Torus is a breath of life of higher dimension that projects itself through a high dimension that is light. Every living being is a torus. A soul family is a torus. We have a toroidal dark energy field. Dimensional gates in the poles.

Escalation in Syria is a battle for the Goddess vortex portal. Hassuna-Samarra vortex is very important. Militaries will not let peace there. Syria is a barometer of the planetary situation.

-New Atlantis and the Energy Grid

Saint Germain is the head of the project New Atlantis. The book of Francis Bacon, New Atlantis, is a special light code that activates awakening.

1st Atlantis: Pleiads star system, explored consciousness and matter, discovered primary anomaly
2nd Atlantis: Island in atlantic ocean (destroyed 5 jun 9564bc) I know it had been there because I remember

3rd Atlantis : Is being born. Civilization of light after The Event, and Francis was preparing humanity for it. Goddess mysteries, Cagliostro, release Egypt mysteries.

US constitution can trigger The Event, original is indestructible.

Dark grid plasma AI scalar technology can hear everything you say, watch everything you see but cannot read your mind. Its purpose is to block contact.

Thera are hundreds of pleiadian ships cloaked. If any would become physical, secret radar installations around the world would detect ships in seconds and a minute or two later scramble jets and bomb the place in 5-6 minutes.

Pleiadians would like right now to contact you. Semjase is invited, she`d love to come and say hello, but scalar radars are measuring electrical parts of the brain, electric conductivity of the skin, and pulse right now and wondering what is going to happen. But the AI is not perfect, it is dumb, and the programer who did it was implanted also. He did not understand the light and the AI doesn´t either. This is the crack in the matrix through Pleiadians will land.

The primary anomaly is the logic opposite of The Source, like Murphys law.

Ascended beings cannot solve this because they do not understand it, our consciousness aware of the matrix will destroy the matrix. Incarnated in this matrix, and aware of it, we will transform it.

Note: After lunch we met again at closed doors and made our small meditation, breath in light, breath out light. Cobra walked in circles while doing circles with his hands.

The grid is a dynamic flow of energy in sacred patterns (standing wave) physical and in other planes as well.
Cintamani is about placing them in energy vortexes. Whenever you plant one, one mothership gets activated and begins to transmit energy to the grid. It becomes the anchor of a huge angelic being which creates a vortex of energy and anchors the Goddess vortex energy grid mass meditations. The coming meditation at 4AM will save lives.

There were certain archon families in the physical plane that basically control the Vatican, Knights of Malta, secret societies and Black Nobility. Not well known is the Mercer family which controls the pharmaceutical industry and controls Cambridge Analytical which is behind the election of Donald Trump and is engineering misinformation.

The Facebook scandal is not about Facebook, it is about Cambridge Analytical and it has thrown Facebook under the bus and nobody is investigating Cambridge Analytical, but if they were to investigate, they would find interesting things because people controlling it have to do with the Syria conflict.

People supporting my mission connected me with Corey Goode and others, reaching 4 million people. It demonstrates the power of unified consciousness. It demonstrated one people can reach the planet. You can do the same once you have your mission, we can do this if we follow our mission 100%, potential is there. This is not just 270 people, we have tenths of millions of people at the Resistance Movement, hundreds of thousands of Pleiadians, Secret Dragon societies, Chinese Dragons, supporting this conference. If you decide to follow your mission you will have that support as well!

The Resistance Movement is guardian of many secret caves. The Agartha Goddess caves (also in Budapest) are important in the compression breakthrough because they have been used before. Certain objects of power were hidden on those caves and will irradiate energy as we get closed to The Event.

Questions and answers:
Chemtrails are about massive extinction of humanity but its efficiency is only 1%. It is a big waste of resources for the cabal. Pleiadians will clear it after The Event.
About synchronized meditation, if it is better that we all do it at the same time: To be really powerful it has to be at the same time.
What do the children going to school need? They need you to be strong and loving and sincere and never lie to them.

-Contact Dish and Confederation Domain

Started a few years ago, people were contacted. After the January timeline change, Pleiadians decided to go public. If you have the title of the property you can dedicate it for first contact. Never say about this aloud. Reason being is the archon grid controller monitoring everything you say and see, and if they know, they will monitor the property and no contact will happen.

Their AI is stupid and will not recognize the signs of first contact.

Legal ownership of the property creates a loop that your property is not public but private. You can have a pleiadian ship in your backyard and the military cannot confiscate it. They can cover up 1 to 5 landing cases but not 1000. They want to maintain the illusion, so they cannot afford killing lots of people. They will try to spin it through mass media, like "fake alien invasion", they will increase articles about negative Pleiadians, negative Ashtar Command, spin articles.

Pleiadians have saved my life so I know they are good. But people may be manipulated to believe otherwise.
There are changes in the Compression breakthrough but darks do not know. No idea what to expect, they have gone too far.

Galactic codex sets social interactions between various races.

On Jan the 27th the Galactic Confederation meeting decreed the earth as Galactic Confederation domain, enforced with military force if necessary.
Star-wars Benjamin fulford humans vs Dracos with exotic and occult technology as with ww2.
We have hundreds of thousands of light-workers meditating and world war 3 was avoided. No meditation? Three days to world war 3.


-Primary Contracts Removal

To come here you had to accept terms with the dark forces. An agreement that your consciousness will be limited and programmed. You have all signed this, but we have arrived to a moment of free will where we can choose to cancel them.
Those of you who have attacks have contracts from the past, if you cancel these contracts, attacks will stop.

In the name of my I am presence,
In the name of my soul,
in the name of the Light Forces,
I cancel and nullify all and any past agreements and contracts with the dark forces.

All dark contracts are now null and void, 
regardless of their content, 
regardless of my subconscious programming.

With my free will, I now declare myself free from all those contracts,
and from all influences of the dark forces.

And now I decree and I command full conscious cooperation between myself and the Light Forces.

I now decree and I command, that my life be guided in full alignment with the divine plan.

I decree and I command miracles to be manifested in my life, in a way that will manifest happiness for me and for everybody involved.

So be it and so it is.

Repeat anytime. It will continue to remove parts of the dark control and set you free.

If you release past contracts, you will be protected and have more freedom of movement, but you have to go through this period of awakening, awake now to who you are, what life is about, sincere and honest, what your mission is and understand the planetary situation.

-Implant Triangulation

Contracts are the base for implants, once contracts are cancelled, the process of removal has started.
Main implants, are the base of social programing. Earth´s society programming has not existed before. Planet X was liberated in two weeks, they were far more awaken that even this group here, so they raised and that was it.

Primary implant: Separates the soul from personality, splits us from The Source. Splits God and man, Goddess and woman. Implants are the source of religions, not created to connect but to separate god from man. It creates the need of a priest (negotiates between god and man) and does the programming, to be in between, to reinforce the primary implant.

Christianity, 325 AD. Eusebius took different books from different religions, to create a unified cult that would unify the roman empire as global dictatorship. One world government under jesuits.
The plan was to unite religions by reinforcing this plan (at a society level), and to disconnect the individual from The Source. Only way is to star reconnecting with The Source.

Access your emotions. Your connection with your higher self can only happen when kundalini energy gets activated. Located on the 3rd eye. Kundalini should go up but this implant pushes the kundalini down and creates a powerful mental status (what you are and don´t, 80% of thought process). The key are the emotions because they cannot be programmed because they are connected to the Budic body. If you experience your emotions one part of the implant will dissolve. Critical mass emotion experience will help kundalini explode and dissolve the implant. No more teacher-student, you will do your mission.
The location of the second implant is in the solar plexus.

Note: Cobra asked us to find it by placing a finger 3 fingers above the navel. Check if there is something there.

Separation between male and female, created male and female types and perspectives, different perception. Separation of love and sexuality, both programmed different. 

Females feel heart energy, but not allowed to feel sexual energy, males the other way, so when man and woman are together they cannot connect because they perceive reality in a different way.
How to dissolve it:
Men: Allow to feel your heart and trust.
Women: Express your sexuality.

Questions and answers:
Cuba was part of Atlantis, with many temples to the Goddess
Does 432 HZ help? Yes.

Note: To dissolve the primary implant we made an exercise of polarities writing down for several minutes: "I am god, I am not god"

It dissolves the implant by going to the extremes. If you continue, you will have a Samadhi experience.

Note: To dissolve the secondary implant we made an exercise of polarities writing down for several minutes: "sex is love, sex is not love"

-Light Body Activation

Spontaneous connection to soul body pours energy to you light body and starts another in the physical body. The Light of soul transmutes the personality. Transformation of physical body were mitochondria creates energy and don´t need food anymore. Ascension body disintegrates in flash of light, not die, ascend. 500 people have achieved ascension. These 270 have a real advantage due to the information.
Soul can enter the body 1st exercise

Rising of kundalini energy 2nd exercise (own personal energy suppressed and programmed).

Creates a double column of light in which to manifest ascension. Light body portal to 5th dimension, so your consciousness is not limited to the time-space, creates a crack in the matrix (Neo). Your light body is a 5th dimension torus projected. Technique of light body activation.
A Pleiadian space ship is the external body of a light being, driving ships with consciousness not with technology. Consciousness can create a wormhole. Consciousness does not need a space ship, the body is the space ship.


ATVOR is an advanced technology from the Galactic Confederation, a 5th dimension column of light from those motherships in the 5th to the 3rd dimension. That technology can manifest perfection in life. Teleportation of physical body to mothership.

Exercise: (Protocol to prepare for the lifting phase of Ascension): 

I call upon a pillar of pure white light to descend upon me and to form around me.

I call upon the presence of I am that I am.

I ask the presence of I am that I am to join and merge with me.

Sunday April 15th 2018

The archons have technology that pushes a soul into incarnation and a fake network of spiritual guides that can lead you in taking decisions. Sometime the archons will choose parents for you that will stop your mission. If you manage to do your mission in spite of your parents, you cannot be stopped. So the archons are helping you in a way.

Meditation: Breath in and out bright white light into our physical, etheric and mental bodies, and we become a point of light for the world.


-Law of Manifestation

It is the key for life and mission. There have been many books written about it (Law of Attraction, The Secret) but it is all incomplete info that makes people frustrate, but now the complete key to manifest, and I absolutely guarantee you, if you do it, it will work. It may take sometime but it will work. This is one of the reasons why I know The Event will happen: It cannot not be manifested because everything in the universe obeys the laws of physics.

The manifestation process has 3 steps and by repeating these 3 steps you can manifest anything. It may take time because we are in 3D. It is the same underline principle but the scope and time are different to manifest a cup of coffee or The Event.

1. Decision.

It is the most important step, it is a reflexion of your free will, you are a divine being that has free will, and this free will is the law in your universe, external reality has to obey it, and it is the manifestation of past decisions. For example, this room: architects, constructors, designers, electricians, all these people made decisions how it will manifest.
Our reality is the combination of everybody´s will (illuminati, chimera, awaken people) and this is how this mess is created, and the problem is people do not have free will or decision, and surrenders this free will and this is the reason why the dark forces have so much power.

Rothschild made its plan 250 years ago and those Rothschild knew their great great great grandchildren will see the new order, their decision and their free will was so strong it almost manifested.

When your free will and decisions are clear enough your become very powerful. So the first step is to set clarity, what do I really want, what are my priorities, what matters, where do I say no, where do I say yes. To get clarity it requires honesty to yourself, to set clarity to manifest. When you set clarity, priorities are clear, decisions are clear, then free will sparks as a diamond and you will begin manifesting, and reality needs to adjust to that decision, the whole universe. If you would be able to see the energies around you, you could see a complete re-arrangement of the energy flow around you, because the energy arranges to the new pattern.

How the implants act against your process of manifestation: You begin to adapt to expectations and compromise your free will, so when you begin to realign your decision to what you really want, you come face to face to expectations from your parents or society.
Father-son approval: the son wants to be approved and becomes a doctor, so he start medicine and becomes a doctor, but he is not happy because it was his father´s decision not his, and if you do many things like this your manifestation gets blocked, so you need to clear the manifestation channel.
First it is essential to live without compromises. The matrix has been setup in a way that only by compromising you will get what you want, that it is selfish to want anything in your life, and what you really want does not matter. So, to clear your manifestation channel clear compromises. Your life will become like a diamond, like a crystal.

2. Invocation

Means using your visualization, your imagination, your prayer, to start manifesting. When you are clear on what you want, fantasize, imagine, yearn as a tool to manifest and if you fantasize about something a lot, it may be part of your mission. Follow it regardless what the society says. It is the key to your mission. Your mission is not about working hard, have passion about it. It is the thing you want to do above something else.

3. Physical action
You can decide and invoke but if there is no physical action, its not happening. An example from my life: I was selling a property and I wanted to sell it to the first person who called. So I visualize it, put the advertising in paper and I sold it to the first person who called. It is because I was clear about what I wanted to happen.

Clear decision. Visualize. Take action.

There are thousands reading my blog everyday but few are taking physical action. Most are waiting for updates. I suggest people do something before the update. I don´t need a group of followers, I need a group of co-creators, a joined vision about The Event because each one has a piece of the puzzle.

Decide. Invoke. Take physical action.

Gets better with practice. Manifestation in 3D takes time, it is not a 5th dimension superconducting reality. If you want a coffee, 5 minutes, a house, years. As soon as you do not keep the energy up, you interrupt the flow and nothing happens. Three years for a house, keep it until the breakthrough, four years until it happens, never, never, never give up, and if you fall on the floor, stand up, and keep doing it until it happens.

Physical action toward The Event: Spread the word, plant seed of vision. Many people want that but do not know it exists. Communicate the same idea with music, video, arts, your own words in a blog. Any area of human activity can be a reflexion of The Event, and people will want it, and will not settle for less.

Picture: Out beliefs change the world.

We are shaping the reality of this planet. We have strong forces helping above and below our planet. So don´t be afraid to ask.

The only thing the dark forces can do is to test your decision, search for doubts, fear and insecurities, and might attack those, but, whenever your decision is absolutely clear, they cannot do anything about it, free will cannot be changed. (but they will attack those around you, their insecurity, their fears, their weak spots, their physical weakness), but it is the decision of those people to clear up. Shaman knows (its a tool for personal transformation, catalyzer).
All archons are testers, extremely unpleasant, but until gone, are showing our weak spots.

Saint Germain will support your manifestation process if you want to connect with him. At the moment of the invocation call upon Saint Germain because your decision is in the I am presence. Saint Germain has spread teaching of the I am presence, higher self divine will, and he is the one who has mastered the process of manifestation.
Alchemy: divine marriage between between personality and the soul, and it starts the outer manifestation of inner alchemy.

Advanced manifestation technology from the Galactic Confederation

Reality shaping: When you make a decision, you begin to shape space and time. Physical matter is made of sub-atomical particles which appear to be solid (standing wave), this can be done with technology or consciousness. Easiest way to shape reality is by attention, you can apply the law of attention to manifest, and you can apply this to manifest abundance.

Theoretically is very simple to manifest money. Invest money in one big silver coin (15 EUR) and take it everywhere you go. Look at it every day, soon you will manifest the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and then you can buy a gold coin, and then a gold bar, and then sell those and buy a house, buy an island, buy the whole planet, this is what Rothschild did.

When I was twelve years old I bought my first crystal. Focus your attention in what you want to manifest. Your attention creates a vortex of manifestation and at some point it goes to a portal and manifests in the physical.

Note: Here a lady stood up and said she wanted to manifest 200 EUR to go the galactic love party, Cobra asked for a hut, where people could donate. The hut never reached my place. She told the group and it manifested.

Vortex support field: Draw everything you want in your life, take it home and it will manifest. 20 years ago I did my first one and it was done 10 years ago. The second one involved a stratospheric flight and it is done. 3rd contains pleiadian ship contact. Do not limit yourself.

Note: We started to draw on a piece of paper, what we wanted to manifest.

We are experiencing a rapid de-manifestation of darkness, which started 25.000 years ago with no obstruction.

Picture: Manifestation process. Every thought, every action creates ripples through this infinite field of consciousness. You are far more powerful than you realize.

Questions and answers:
You can use sound and shapes to help in the manifestation process
Check Vindu -> Sacred geometry to amplify manifestation process, put a picture in the middle of manifestation, a mandala, a flower of life, ideally in a vacuum chamber, even more, liquid nitrogen, and laser systems.
Could it be that your mission is not of the light? If you are really honest with yourself your mission will be of the light.

Picture: Golden Vortex of Saint Germain

-Manifestation / Abundance Protocols

Meditation to bring abundance in life:

Close your eyes and watch your breath for a few minutes. Visualize your body and your energy field in golden light, permeating body and energy field, permeating your emotions, your mind and your aura becoming golden light, everything around you is in this golden light, feel it with all your being, you become golden light. You are that golden light.
You can feel that golden light, that golden light as a fountain in your heart flowing in all dimensions. You are the center. Call upon the presence of ascended master Saint Germain and ask him to bring the golden power of abundance in your life. He is standing in front of you and his energy is descending on you, and visualize and experience Saint Germain placing a gold coin and it becomes you. Feel the big gold coin, you feel it physically, it weights in your hands and Saint Germain is blessing the coin to become abundance in your life and you can awake a decision in the near future to manifest golden coins. The first golden coin that you will receive or buy will be the golden coin blessed by him to bring abundance in your life.

When you receive it, wear it in your pocket everyday, and you can visualize more and more coins with the purpose of assisting you in manifesting the life of your dreams. Visualize yourself enjoying that perfect life, and the abundance coming will help manifest that perfect life. Feel the excitement, the joy of that perfect life, feel the presence of your perfect life in your energy field. And this first golden coin you get will be the first sign that your life will change. Feel it now.

Open your eyes keep that presence and field, that vision inside you, keep your perfect life with you for the rest of the day, for the rest of your life.

-de-manifestation Filters

De-manifestation is when you say no. De-manifest when you don´t want it anymore. The decision you make is an absolute boundary.
Example: People were always late for meeting me. I decided to wait for 15 minutes. I never wait for more than 15 minutes. Because I said no to this, no to this behaviour, people are not late anymore.

Use it in your life. For example: Nobody is allowed to yell at me under any circumstances. You will be tested! and then few things may happen when your decision is strong enough, people will feel the shift and stop, if not you will leave your job.

The de-manifestation filter works with everything, this is how to remove attacks, you say: This does not happen to me anymore. This is how I survived all this, there have been many people killed. It is simply not part of my reality. But also works with smaller things (Note: like the wish of not getting tomatoes in your food plate anymore).

Use the same process, make a decision, support, etc. Sometimes de-manifestation is easier.

Questions and answers:
How come, that your beloved Isis wasn't able to demanifest the attacks on her? I believe that she wished to live here (physically). She had a weakness, did not make certain decisions, nobody is perfect, and if you are a powerful being yours tests are greater, and her challenges were higher. When you become powerful at planetary level a small weakness can have consequences. She is working now to manifest the Goddess at a galactic level. She will come back far more powerful and more beautiful.


Energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun is beginning to emit a huge wave of love to transform the planet. It will increase in intensity, it will remove the darkness when it hits the surface, it will drastically transform it. This wave will pass through the most awakened humans. It was initiated by the Pleiadians on the 27 of January, the starting point of the new timeline. The Pleiadians are actively preparing individuals on the surface of the planet so they can become conduits through their energy fields. This part means the most awakened individuals, the most sane, healed, integrated, will begin to transmit through their energy bodies, the energy from the Galactic Central Sun through the fleet of motherships from the Pleiadians and others. Those brothers and sisters will send galactic love so they become catalysts of the phase transition in the human society.

The objective of this conference is to activate those ready to do this. Give permission without saying it aloud, to Pleiadians, to contact you, telepathically, physically. You will receive a personal experience with the pleiadian fleet and Galactic Confederation that will activate and prepare you to be an anchor of the galactic wave of love for the activation and the compression breakthrough.

Questions and answers:
Why people starts coughing when I am around them? You have a strong energy field which triggers blockages that need to be transformed. You will start triggering a strong transformation of people around you.
Why we cannot remember the first three years of life on earth? Because implantation trauma. As you leave the higher planes, you get implanted in the plasma planes which erases memories and creates a shock which usually takes three years to clear up. Separate entity memories based on mind not body.

-Return of the Goddess

An important process is the return of the Goddess in its higher form, it is the feminine aspect of the absolute love, which creates space for transformation, and for this reason it has been drastically suppressed (this is the only reason why dark could success). The Goddess energy is the perfect mirror of The One, and when its perfect The One begins to manifest.
One important aspect is the re-awakening of the Sisterhood of the Rose, an ancient mystery school brought to Atlantis by the Central Race. There is a Goddess that belongs to the Central Race, AIONA, she came to Atlantis and initiated 12 priestesses, gave them all mysteries and were transmitted by generations through mystery schools in Egypt, Crete, Sumeria, Rome, Cathars, Templars, 18th century Saint Germain, Lord Cagliostro, and many secret societies.

I have received instructions to re-activate the Sisterhood of the Rose and many groups have been created, now I will release more instructions.

The light forces are requesting groups to meet physically once a week, so we are creating these groups right now. We will need 23 women from 23 countries that are choosing to become anchors of the Sisterhood of the Rose. We will create now the next phase for the Sisterhood of the Rose on the planet, create 23 anchors.

Note: This moment was magic, this moment was historic, I felt it from the moment it started, a very strong mystic energy raised up.
Women from many countries came forward immediately and formed a circle. The ceremony started with Cobra in the middle going around one hand high above his head and the other one giving (as described to me later, a bolt of light). There was an intense moment when women took each other by the hands and started swinging lightly. I was hearing a precious mantra, one which I have not heard before, it was touching, and at the beginning I was not sure from where it was coming. As it was described to me afterwards, no one knows who started it, but it was as if they were channeling the energy of the Goddess herself. The energy of the moment was so strong even now I feel the energy and the emotion. Women were crying.
Now back to Cobra:

I have been waiting for this moment all my life. This moment is a realization of my dreams and their supporters, Pleiadian high priestesses, Semjase, Manuella, Astara. And from the Resistance Movement, Kelly, Lea, Sara, Ania.
They were with us, some below the surface, right below this building. Some in the motherships Asthar Athena. Isis Astara, she was with us and was the crown of her light work. From this moment on we spread Goddess on this planet.

Note: We all stood up and repeated vibrantly with a very loud voice and many times: Victory of the Light! Victory of the Light! Victory of the Light!

Men are not excluded from the Sisterhood of the Rose, it is not just a feminine group, it is anchoring the Goddess energy for everybody.

Questions and answers:
Is menopause natural? Your free choice has been taken away from you. There are exercises to regulate menstruation, is really free will if you know how to do it.
Is the moon an artificial satellite? The moon is a natural object which transmits Goddess energy, and many women feel the moon strongly in their bodies.
Priestesses can heal with energy of the moon (emotions). Certain Rosacrucians were members of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

The energy of the Goddess will change perspective on everything of the planet, communication, hobbies, transform human society and prepare it for 1st contact. Physical meetings of the Sisterhood of the Rose anchors the galactic wave of love, so the light forces will be able to anchor the energy of the galactic wave of love, and then expand it through the human society to prepare it for contact. All Pleiadians have a connection with the Goddess presence and if contact happens between two species the Goddess presence has to be there.

-Soul Families

One thing that starts happening will be soul family re-connexion. This is a connection through soul level and this connection will be the base of the new society. It started decades ago but it was not recognized as such because nobody knew where society was heading to.

Phases of the evolution of the society:

1. Tribal society
2. Physical family society, oriented on physical lines, close to you, core of every structure on this planet but not in other planets.

3. Soul family, society souls that connect at soul level. This transition has started in 1945, at the end of WW2 when there was a victory of the Galactic Confederation, and they started imprinting a new configuration of the human society. This has lead to contact in 1950. Same imprint led to the sexual revolution of 1960, same imprint physical dissolution of the family because people is yearning for more. Divorce rate before 1945 was 20%, now it is 70%. Why? People are not satisfied with the marriage model. Before WW2 is was due to scarcity. Since 1945 new galactic impulses are triggering women to start fighting for their rights, bringing confusion to men.

The key for men to become heroes of the new society: follow your mission.

Tries for communities souls were not successful because they were based on old paradigm. The correct way is soul family and it started January this year.
The Pleiadians are working with all light workers and light warriors to awaken to their soul presence and to form connections with others to become the model of the new society. One purpose of this conference is to recognize soul families and to start forming connections at a new level to form the new society.
I have received instructions to connect to members of my soul family to awaken them to their missions and this is the way to hack the matrix doing this for ourselves and for the planet.

A brother soul family are brothers and sisters with similarities, and they become friends and companions in life. Deeper connection soul mates are opposite polarities coming here with the purpose of manifesting sacred union from physical, to emotional, to mental to do the mission together for the liberation and the galactic wave of love. Other is deep friendship, other combination is parents and children, people of the same polarity with sexual connections. All these are possible, soul mates man and woman to channel love.

Archons do prevent meeting of soul mates using technology to trigger both partners to create conflicts and misunderstanding.

Mechanisms: When soul mates meet they shut down one part who won´t be aware of the soul mate connection because scalar technology has triggered the shut down. This is the main reason of heart breaks. This is not a natural process.
Underline psychology mechanism: Two basic ways how people react, when two come together the archons trigger the opposing child mechanism to prevent connection from happening, and if they can still meet successfully, then, they will kill one partner. If a soul connection is successful, it will bring massive harmony and cosmic love energy priest+priestess. If they anchor this connection in pure form, they will be doing their mission.

We have a situation in Syria, the occult reason is the archon grid preventing soul connections. It was placed 25.000 years ago on this planet. The light forces have began removing this grid last Monday and when the archons realized this was happening it was a red alert. The archons contacted Italian black families -> jesuits -> knights of malta -> Donald Trump to start the conflict. The Hassuna samarra vortex in Syria-Irak is the portal where souls connections can be made.

Hassuna samarra´s 5000 year old culture had strong connection with the Goddess, and it is on a leyline which connects Syria with Stonehenge, Sandy Hook, and all those places where false flags were created to influence Hassuna samarra, to create a wave of fear, to create a blockage of energy, because the archons want to prevent soul mate connections.

The deepest level of connections are twin souls. They were created at the same time, born in the Galactic Central Sun as one soul, and split in two halves, the original divine archetype of male and female, shiva and shakti, twin soul connections. It is even deeper than soul mates connections, it is the origin of yearning for perfect connection. This is manipulated by the archons. Twin soul fantasy is a program. Archons know this and are messing with it, creating a twin soul fantasy, a psychological projection to certain individual who is not.

The main reason why women get married, and this is the happiest day of her life, is because twin soul gets reactivated. But the husband is not, and disappointing happens which leads to disintegration.

The archons used hollywood to project this fantasy, to control female sexual energy to keep society in check. Ex. Diamond rings, certain illuminati family (de Beers) that has been misusing twin soul fantasy to sell rings with diamonds.

Connect with your twin soul during meditation, to connect energetically and telepathically. Archons manipulate dreams.

Questions and answers:
- About Donald Trump: He belongs to his own ego, not to the light forces, he does not serve the cabal or illuminati, only his own ego.

Programs of sexual energy. They are the deepest. Given with the purpose to control the surface population. Most cannot be encountered anywhere in the galaxy and this is one of the reasons liberation cannot happen because there is no awareness.
There are two basic layers. The first one happened with implants in Atlantis, it has physical and energetic separation between female and male. How to find it: put a finger on your body three fingers above the navel. It blocks the flow of kundalini energy.

Male and female are programmed in the opposite way, so when male and female meet, there is a complete misunderstanding because they are looking the opposite sex from their perspective. Even an explanation, the man perceives it in one way, and the woman in another way.

Females are allowed to feel energy of the heart but not sexual energy, men the other way. For this reason is very easy for a woman to bond with others at the heart level but extremely hard to bond at the sexual level. Men the other way. Men can walk down the street and feel sexual attraction for many women.

How to resolve: Women to allow sexual energy and men to allow energy of the heart. Men can raise sexual energy kundalini to the heart. Women have to feel their sexual energy.

The key to sacred union is for men and women to connect sexuality and the heart.

Picture: Good girl naughty or nice.

When energies flow between heart and sexuality, women can use this energy to heal the man. The woman can heal the war trauma of the man. Men are aggressive because they don`t get love from women.

In Arab countries women have been programmed. The refugees from Syria are raping european women because of the trauma of sexual repression.

A Goddess priestess that has integrated heart and sexual energy is able to stop war in this planet.

Basic key to heal of society, zero, core issue, is for the most awakened women on the planet to connect heart and sexual energy. This is what Laura Einsehower did not understand. I can support everything I say with lots of facts with thousands upon thousands of sacred Goddess images who have given their life to preserve this knowledge.

Other aspect: Female energy has been suppressed to create war. If the archons repress females then men get frustrated, they can try channeling this through sports but when is strong enough, they fight.

The other aspect how the archons created this situation, 25.000 year ago with an archon invasion. Archon tribes invaded peaceful Goddess civilizations 5.000 to 6.000 years ago, but it is present in women today. It is why there is a prime fear of women walking alone, the fear to male predator.
The message of the program, man is a beast, but the reality is that the reptilian is a beast. Human males were not rapping women, reptilians did this but the female consciousness cannot distinguish a reptilian in a human body, she does not trust. 70% of women do not experience orgasms.

Next layer: A woman has to be a “good girl” and hide her sexual self if she does not want to be perceived as a slut or a whore. We need to break the matrix, women need to reclaim their power, need to decide for themselves to express their sexual energy. This is the key for the transformation of the society.
There were temples of the Goddess where women were channeling this energy. A union of a high priestess and a king, for him being the divine archetype of the hero, and her the Goddess to stabilize society. In the second archon invasion 4AD this tradition had been destroyed, this is the reason why Rome collapsed. Compare the Rome of the 3rd century (higher level) than 1500 years later.

So human society needed 1500 years to get to the same evolution because the Goddess was destroyed, dark ages roman, catholic, created suppression of the Goddess priestesses, temples destroyed, priestesses killed, and it is still present in females.

Next level, next layer that started in Atlantis, implants of the woman are allowing her to feel sexual energy only with her twin soul or twin soul fantasy. For men the other way around.

Next level was to split soul family, a program that exist two sided. Woman only twin soul or twin soul fantasy but men has no problem connecting sexually with any woman.
Next level has two emotional aspects, when men and women get connected, they begin to perceive the other as property.

A marriage is a legal entity system control so the cabal misuse it. Original marriage was the perfect union of twin souls and matrix hijacked it, put a legal system, a law in 1900 woman was severely limited.

Same program exists in the man. He controls the woman as property and woman the man as property.

Women feel subconsciously men are looking other women and feel angry. Soul connection between soul partners is happening in other places in the galaxy.

How to Catch A Man: and Keep Him for Good Darren G. Burton
The Game Neil Strauss.

The key: create honesty in the connection between man and woman. When women talk to each other, they talk in a certain way, if a man comes, they shift subjects, because they cannot be honest anymore. Same with men. The relationship will be healed when women can talk honestly with man and vice versa. Real, honest communication will take some courage but will heal the society.

Questions and answers:
Origins of why terrorists blow themselves program. 72 virgins, 13th century Syria. Invented by secret society connected to archon network.
Tantra: You can heal with Tantra but most has been lost. Exception, Kaula Tantra but not given to mankind only to initiated.
Are geishas priestesses? Geishas are not Goddess or hi priestesses.
If women can heal men, it will accelerate the breakthrough.

-The Event and New Reality

When all aspects of the matrix are de-programmed, the matrix will be dissolved. The archon´s programming is controlling the matrix. This is not the main program, you have programs inside. Noe every one, only the most awakened humans need to go through this transformation to crack the matrix. We need not 7 billion, one Neo can crack the matrix.

Life after The Event:

Picture: Bathtub cut from a single piece of quartz crystal.

Imagine one of this filled with a liquid that heals emotions, etc. This is the standard of living after The Event. We will be connecting with the Galactic Family of Light. When the most awakened go through transformation, it will be for the whole earth and the acceptance of the earth in the galactic family of light. This is what we are fighting for.

They would like to connect, Semjase, Manuela, Astara, are watching and saying hello, and if you would like to connect, say “yes” silently.

After The Event the Resistance Movement and the Pleiadians will have contact with the most awaken to create family connections, so if you will transform yourself, you may meet a Pleiadian soul mate and may want to go home.

The Pleiadians and the Resistance Movement are activating you, I am a catalyst, it is between you and the Light Forces, between you and you Higher Self.

When Isis Astara died I realized every day matters, do not allow yourself to sleep, it is the time for ascension. You were born to share light, inspiration, love until the final victory of the light.

We are creating a birth for the whole planet, this work is the core. This is the first ascension conference. We will do it.


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